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F.P.H.U. DREW-POL  is a company specializing in the production of wooden products and softwood sawn timber. Drew-Pol manufactures wooden pallets, wooden pallet collars and cardboard boxes. The company was founded in 2004.


Thanks to continuous development of our machine park and investment in modern equipment and production lines, we are able to produce high-quality wooden products to meet customer expectations.  The wood for our products has been awarded an FSC certificate which describes the principles of proper forest management and the principles of supervising the flow of raw materials from the forest to the consumer.


Our use of the highest quality wood has won us an IPCC certificate, which allows us to export our products and meet the needs of the most demanding customers.


We are entered into the Polish Register for health and sanitary requirements
under the number PL-24 557



Why choose Drew-Pol?


As an experienced manufacturer of packaging,  DREW-POL is able to guarantee products of the highest quality at attractive prices, delivered on time thanks to our transport fleet.


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